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This size jug is perfect for those who have lots of farming equipment and or heavey equipment. it not only works on every aspect of the vehicle or piece of equipment, but is great for hydraulics also.

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Buy 1 4 Litre Jug and receive 10% off your purchase. Offer good until October 31, 2019

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There's no time like the present to get your equipment and your vehicles ready for the winter. NMF works on anything with a motor, it works in your engine, transmission, radiator, fuel and so much more.

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Benefits from using NMF are amazing, use it in your engine and cut your oil changes in half each year, use it in your transmission to get rid of all those annoying squeaks, rattles and vibrations . It works great in your radiator to keep temperatures lower and avoid over heating. NMF is also great on Wet & Dry clutches.