We select sponsorees from among teams who have used NMF.  You test NMF hard in a machine of your choice (truck, boat, car, motorcycle, lawnmower, chainsaw, etc.) through any methods you consider meaningful (heat reduction, vibration reduction, smoothness of shifting, noise reduction, power improvement, oil longevity, cleanliness of engine, etc.).  

If you are impressed, write an honest review on and email a screenshot of the review. You are then eligible for product sponsorship.

In addition to NMF, we provide a crew chief storage clipboard, hats, uniform patches, decals, etc.  If you like, we can make a promotional video for your team.   We ask that you be friendly with fans, wear the uniform patches and decals and tell people about NMF.  

I look forward to supporting you in cool, fast racing.  Please call me any time at 844-763-7250.


Joe Lehnerd

Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force

Owner, GoNMF